Note: This bible only covers initial traits and characteristics for now. I may include traits that I plan on adding after character arcs later.


Statistics and Parameters


Much like her twin, Naria is a very cheerful, upbeat and optimistic person who enjoys just being alive. Unlike her sister though, Naria is far more open about who she is and does't bottle up her emotions. Naria is also more sociable and friendly to strangers, and hates being alone. This is in stark contrast to Noelle, who enjoys being alone, though also loves the company of others. Naria is far more gentle then her twin and more serene. She can be described as a "Friend to All Living Things" to an extent. Naria is very much in touch with nature. Naria has been described as sweet, kind, caring, brave and generous by her friends and family. However, she is not without her faults. Despite her serenity, Naria is highly dependent on others, usually her twins and starts to freak out in stressful situations when the two aren't there to help her.

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