Early Life



"Apple of Our Eyes"

Child of the Forest

Tragedy in the Nully Forest


The Good Life

Cycle of Misfortune

Tragedy Once More

Royal Rivers

Little Miss Aveal Turniga

Planting Zyke

Lonely No More

Pride and Joy

The Mother They Never Had

A Big Happy Family

Warm and Love

Cold and Hatred

Joy and Despair

Unfailing Optimism

Family Values

Raising Toma and Mona

The Happiest Child In the World

Brother and Sister

Growing Pains

Meeting Shina

A Miserable Day

The Dreadful Trek




Start of Something New

The Story of the Cursed King

Odd Village Ethod

The Mysterious Town of Gwend

On the Road

In Yamo Town

Freeing the Gladiators

Duel in the Pits

A Job Well Done

"To The Ends of Amenia"

The City of Fear

Settlement of the Ichbobs

World of Paper

Battle for the Blizzard

Confronting Miriel

Beginning of a New Chapter

The Lazy Kingdom

A Date with a Prince

Romance in a Torn World

Warriors Yonder

Dragons of Yorn

The Walled Town of Nazir

The Nocturne Household

Rumors of Darkness

Unto Our Ultimate Destiny

The Daemon Cats

Inevitable War

Reign of the Golden Tyrant

"Heroes of Tunda!"?

The Mission

Journey To Uano

infiltrating Uano

Saving Amenia

Sunburst Tournament

Nocturne Reunion

Vs. Giluwan

Vs. Naria

Vs. Toma

Vs. Naria


Soldiers of Orion

Adult Life

Royal Explorer

Herald of Nier

Misses Moroque

Orion Invasion



An Intergalactic War


Abstract Wars

Discovering the anomaly

Loneliness of Space

Confronting Ulm

At Peace

Elderly Life