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Meek Creatures


The Delrosa is a small, rat like creature found pretty much everywhere. They are meek, timid but smart animals who can forge genuine bonds with humans and animal. Due to their adorable nature and long life span, Delrosa's are common pets for children.

Aer Wasp

the Aer Wasp is a dangerous insect found in the "Valley of Kings" district of Meglomenia. They are small, but endlessly dangerous. They can easily kill a man in a sting or two and can spread horrible diseases. The name comes from the fact that they are believed to be insects of the Aetheroial or Etherial Planes.

Murmur Pig

The Murmur Pig is rare species of Pig native to the "Valley of Kings" district of Meglomenia. No one knows how they came to be as they simply started appearing one day during the "Days of Hope" era. One theory states that they were an artificial species created by the "Cult Of Righteous Evil". What makes the species of Pig so unique is their immense spychic abilities. It is said that a single Murmur Pig can topple mountains and raze villages, but it is not in there nature to do so.

Hardy Creatures

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