Noah Nocturne

How old is he? (And how old is he mentally)

Noah is 11, and grows to around 13 during the course of the volumes (planned). Due to having to put up with the constant nonsense of his siblings; older and younger; and having to deal with the public stigma of the Nocturne family, Noah tries to act more mature and give off a positive vibe. While many consider him "wise beyond his years", Noah is still a kid and can be very emotional.

Regardless, Noah is still mature and intelligent, especially for his age and feels like he has the sole responsibility to keep his family out of trouble. A feat that not only rare works out, but is often ignored or mocked by his family.

Did he have a happy childhood

Well he's still going through his childhood, but on the whole, it's a fairly positive one. Adventures galore with his siblings (though he rarely actually wants to go on them) has kept him occupied to say the least. His relationships with his siblings on the whole is a mixed bag, like most sibling relationships. He's generally close to each of his siblings, but tends to disagree, not understand or argue with most of them. This, as well as their horrible reputation eventually builds up in Noah wanting to distance himself from the Nocturne name completely and become his own person.

4. What does she care about? 5. What is she obsessed with? 6. Biggest fear? 7. What is the best thing that ever happened to her? The worst? 8. Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to her? 9. Biggest secret? 10. What is the one word you would use to define her?