The Monsters

Before Time, Space, Matter...Love...before even Nothing, there were Monsters. You see Amelia, if any emotion is strong enough, it can affect the sum of creation. Whether it be an emotion of the good and true, or an emotion of wicked, or even an emotion beyond what we can describe in mortal tongue. And my Amelia, these monsters had an abdominal lust of violence, depravity and hate. Their hatred and wickedness was so great that they did not only create one world, but a sea of infinite parallel realms, one for each of the monsters so they can spread chaos and disorder. And, my Amelia, I fear that the Monster just found us.


I am thy creator and thy destroyer. I am he who built all that there is, and will be he who shall dismantle it. I am the God of War and I am the God of Death. I am the God of the Sun and I am the God of the Moon, and I am the God of the sky that stretches beyond yonder. I am a King. I am a Tyrant. I am a loving ruler. I am a ferocious ruler. I am the will. I am the vengeance. I am the fire and I am the water! I am Kootah!