Noah Nocturne


Monk Nocturne 5

Grandmaster Nocturne

Elder Master Nocturne2

Timeline Amenia Prime
Sex Male
Date of Birth 242 AE
Place of Birth Nazir
Place of Death Nazir
Date of Birth 242 AE
Eras Kingdom of Love
Days of Toma
Abstract Wars
First Appearance Amenia: House of Nocturne
Occupations Adventurer
Monk of Thega
Age 11 (Volume #1)
12-13 (Volume #2)
14 (Volume #3)
17-23 (Monk Nocturne)
32-99 (Grandmaster Nocturne)
100-148 (Eldermaster Nocturne)
Epithets Childhood Names
The Gnome Of Nazir
The Fluke
The One In A Million
The Son Of Nekrokanus

Adult Names
Monk of Nazir
Monk Nocturne
Grandmaster Nocturne
Slayer Of The Esolution
The Lunar Monk
The Invoker Of Warmth
Relationships Family
Nekrokanus "Lord" Nocturne (Father)
Naijir "Lady" Nocturne (Mother)
Nessia Nocturne (Eldest Sister)
Nova Nocturne (Second Eldest Sister)
Nicole Nocturne (Third Eldest Sister)
Naria Nocturne (Twin Sister)
Noelle Nocturne (Twin Sister)
Nick Nocturne (Younger Sister)
Nadia Nocturne (Youngest Sister)
Giluwan Mägway (Brother-In-Law)
Turman Mägway (Nephew)
Fomo Mägway (Niece)

Zemia Illadon (Best Friend)
Videon Illadon (Father Figure)
Toma Jawol ("Brother")
Aveal Turniga (Close Friend/Mentor)
Mona Hunik (Close Friend)
Kowl Illcross (Close Friend)
Race Half Vampire (Fathers Side)
Half Human (Mothers Side)
Eyecolor Red
Hair Color White
Skin Complextion Pale
Y-Yeah, well, I'm Noah Nocturne! The Gnome of Nazir, The Son of Nekrokanus and the guy whose gonna beat you!

–Noah Nocturne after getting confronted by Azta Kehl

Noah Nocturne is the main protagonist of House of Nocturne, a spin off series that takes place during the events of Amenia: Story of the cursed king in the town of Nazir.


Noah is a short boy, shorter than most of his sisters, much to his ire. Like much of his family, he has red eyes, pale white skin and white hair. Due to being raised in an almost all female house, Noah has several feminine traits. He wears a white shirt with a light purple scarf. He wears his hair in a ponytail, which was picked up from one of Nicole's earlier hairdos.

As he grows older, Noah eventually grew out of his feminine fashion sense, but kept his hairdo consistent. Growing somewhat embarrassed by being teased as a girly boy, by other kids and his family, he wanted to distant himself from it. Still, he keeps most of his feminine personality traits he got from his sisters.


Like most boys, as Noah grew, he became taller, though he would ultimately be quite short in his prime, shorter than some of his sisters, which he felt was embarrassing. His sense of fashion would shift to black and yellow clothing as influenced by his stay at the Thegan Monastery. Noah would go onto cut his hair, keeping it rather short as her monastery regulations. In his later years as the Grandmaster, he would grow a small beard that would stay with him until his ultimate fate.


Noah is typically described as a good kid by the population of Nazir, in fact, he's the only Nocturne to get such a distinction, with the exception of his twin sister, Naria. As such, Noah is a good natured and humble kid and always shows a high level of respect for elders and other children of his age alike. Although he isn't very popular; having no real friends until Zemia Illadon moved in, Noah lived in relative content though did grow lonely for some time.

From a young age, Noah was caring, overprotective and warm. He always tried to make his family feel better whenever they would land on bad times and always tried to look out for his younger siblings and twins. He was also quiet and never went out of his way to take credit for something he did, instead letting others find out themselves. Noah's good nature lends him to treat everyone as a friend, but his studious and almost self-destructive lonely tendencies make it hard for him to actually keep friends.

This all changed when he met Zemia Illadon, who moved from Nazir from the large city of Saguine with her single father, Videon. Zemia and Noah fought during the Grand Tournament, yet quickly bonded as friends. Zemia helped Noah become more outgoing and sociable. Despite this, Zemia would remain Noah's only real friend, until he meets the Heroes of Tunda, that is. Noah views Zemia as somewhat of a little sister and is always trying to protect her from harms way or from disappointment. His over-protection of her is comparable to his tendencies regarding his sisters, showing that he views her like family.

Noah is very kind and brave, going as far as to risk even his life for friends, family, strangers and even enemies alike. He has a strong sense of justice that goes as far as helping anyone who has been wronged, with the sole exception of people whom he views as "absolutely monstrous" such as members of the Nebula Gang and King Sigmound, the ladder of which Noah helped take down once and for all.

As Noah grows, so does his love for adventure. While a total bookworm and a very studious kid, Noah has an interest in exploring the locations he's read about, and discovering the treasures they hold. Despite this, he doesn't care for how his sisters Naria and Noelle force him into exploration but usually begrudgingly goes with them anyway.

For his age, Noah is very intelligent and like to try new things, though not always at first. He spends a good deal of his life reading books, both fictional and educational. Learning new secrets of the laws of ether and aether while also playing them in his ever active imagination. Though not as pronounced as his interest in magic, Noah also has a fascination with history and will sometimes get lost in ancient Amenian history.


Following his success in the Grand Tournament, Noah would gain an ego. He would act superior to his siblings and even Zemia at times and constantly bragged and exaggerated stories. Once he realized how much of a fool he was making of himself, he felt ashamed and attempted to amend for his actions by giving his sisters all great gifts, starting with the Thegan Pearl for Naria.


Noah is one to bottle up his emotions, not to worry anyone so "they may not fret over something so petty", which eventually develops into a nasty temper. His ire can be sprung at the drop of a feather and can vary from passive-aggressive remarks to insults, but almost never results in physical violence. Despite this, Noah only really gets angry at his sisters and will rarely, if ever, get angry at an elder, friend or stranger.

Although his fury is often short lived. Noah will always apologize for his actions and never holds a grudge. He's often forgiven by his friends and family for his otherwise warm personality. He has however, invoked the rage of Nessia and went weeks without as much as talking to her before.


Noah at a young page took up an interest in writing and began writing what he called "A Cosmic Adventure Story", which is essentially a science-fiction work. The story followed the "Space Princess" named Astromadus; named after the theorized Thulan goddess of the open space, Asatru and her husband, Madous; as she traveled from world to world, either destroying it or conquering it. Noah had a fascination with the concept of space and how vast it could be, and as his development in magic flourished, the more space he attempted to explore via astral projections. Eventually Noah would spy "Chaos Space" at the edge of the cosmos.

Scholarly Side

Noah has always been somewhat of a budding scholar, even at a young age. His interest for history, while not a defining trait, has been something that has stuck with him as the years went on. During his quest to the Thegan Monastery to achieve a Thegan Pearl, Noah remarked at the beauty of the monastery, and wondered what stories it could tell. As he grew older, his fascination of history dwindled, but was still there, and he occasionally contributed much of his adventures to his love of history.






Early Life

All good things must come to an end; unfortunately, I must've been born around the time the aforementioned "good things" ended.

–Noah remarking his situation

Born in the "Kingdom of love" era of Amenian History, Noah was a half human, half vampire who was raised in the small village of Nazir and was the sole son of Lord Nocturne. Noah was also among the youngest of his large family of sisters, only being older than Naria Nocturne, Noelle Nocturne and Nadia Nocturne.

Through much of his younger years, Noah was regarded as a good natured and outgoing boy. He was friendly and kind, though he never really kept much friends. He was well liked by many adults, especially shop keeps for his polite demeanor, though his temper occasionally shined through. However, as the years went on, Noah became more reclusive, burying himself in his books and rarely going outside for anything more than occasional errands. Eventually, his twins, Naria and Noelle got fed up with this side of him and forced encouraged him to go outside and explore the dungeons that were just outside the outskirts of Nazir.

The Grand Tournament

One day around a month after his 11th birthday, he and his two twins walking back from school when they noticed a poster on the side of a building advertising some sort of Tournament, with the victor gaining 100,000 Yenma [Valley of Kingdoms Currency]. Excited, Noelle and Naria (and by extension, a forced Noah) immediately signed up for the tournament. After telling the rest of the family, nearly everyone in the household signed up as well.

A week went by and "The Grand Tournament" started. In the first round, Noah faced off against a girl around his age named "Zenma Illadon". Zenma was a girl of Scrath descent and was the daughter of Videon Illadon, one of the most famous generals in all of Amenia. Zenma was a tough opponent, with nearly everyone one of her spells being as if it was her "magnum opus" of sorts. Eventually, Noah managed to defeat her by negating and reversing one of her attacks. Afterwards, the two became good friends with Zenma becoming like family to the Nocturne household.

The following day, Noah was called to fight "Dirty Dog Dickson", a bandit from Uano who was known for using trickery and, well, dirty tricks in his bouts. While not nearly as powerful as Zenma, Dirty Dog Dickson proved to be a comparably difficult fight due to his vast array of maneuvers and distracting spells. Throughout the fight, Noah had to take a purely defensive approach. He eventually came to the conclusion that Dirty Dog had almost no guard, that he was simply trying to overwhelm Noah from afar and that closing the distance could land him the victory. He was correct in this assumption and defeated Dirty Dog with a well placed Mana Surge.

In the semi-final day, Noah was called to fight Videon Illadon, the father of Zenma Illadon. oah expected Videon to be crazy angry at him for defeating his daughter, but much to his surprise, Videon was quite proud of Noah even though he didn't really know him. Despite this, Videon threw everything he had to Noah as soon as the fight started, and Noah gave it his all likewise. While Noah was obviously outmatched in strength, skill and just about everything he had. The fight was long and drawn out. Videon never gave Noah a break, and so what little time Noah had to analyze Videons style was beyond valuable. After some time, Noah realized that the helmet that Videon was wielding gave him a blind spot. A blind spot Noah could abuse. After Videon attempted to bullrush Noah, he dodged and this evasion gave Noah just the amount of time he need to send a kick hurdling towards Videon, sending him back. Back beyond the stage limits, giving Noah the victory. Videon was kicking himself for letting his guard down and underestimating Noah, but was proud of him all the same. To say Zenma or his sisters were proud of Noah was an understatement.

Noah was surprised to see that he had to face off against his younger twin sister, Noelle in the finals. Noelle was always stronger and especially swifter than Noah. She was a martial arts enthusiast. A real hard hitter who was almost impossible to hit back. Still, both siblings had a vow to give it their all and not at all holding back for the sake of the other. After a long and grueling battle, Noelle Nocturne was deemed the victor, but only barely. Noah very nearly won, but was just barely beat out by Noelle.

Nocturne Adventures

Following the events of The Grand Tournament, Noah decided to learn more offensive magic, mostly from his twin and older sisters, Naria and Nicole respectively. Slowly, but surely, Noah learned spells in the Elemental schools of Magic. While it would take years for him to master them, he was decently proficient in Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth and even Vegetation magic. Believing he's reached a "mastery level" of skill over these arts gave him somewhat of an ego. An ego that Naria regularly tried to snap out of him.

This ego often led Noah to believe that he was the solution to nearly every problem. This shift in personality caused some strain between his relationships with friends and siblings alike. At first, his best friend Zemia put up with his arrogance, as she still liked his company due to his intact good natured heart and she admired his newly found bravery, though she later realized it was "forced" and not genuine. However, his siblings [and eventually Zemia herself] refused to put up with it. While his siblings methods of beating some sense into him varied, from Nessia's rather blunt remarks or Nicole's softer approaches, it didn't seem to actually affect his egotistical mindset. At first, that is.

In addition to being arrogant, Noah was also a lot more bombastic and reckless, and went on much more adventures. He explored the various dungeons around Nazir and even attempted to journey across the vast, untamed land [this didn't last long, for obvious reasons]. While he often exaggerated his "daring escapades" to some extent, his drive for going on his "quests" was certainty one of the more exciting things to happen to the town sense The Grand Tournament.

After a talk with Zemia, Noah, in his own words, realized how much of a butt he was being. Wanting to apologize, but not not knowing the way to go about it, Noah and Zemia would set off on a week long journey looking for various treasures and goodies that Noah would give as gifts to his family. These treasures ranged from weaponry, clothing, accessories and even pets. As such, he also gave a special gift to Zemia.

During his aforementioned journey, he battled all kinds of monsters ranging from the Emotion-Controlling Newts of Arglo, the Acid Spitting, Man-Eating Mermaids of Croto Lake and worst of all -- The devlish Gargoyle of Thega Passing. It was a dangerous task, but it was worth it in the end.

The Gargoyles Nest

Among one of Noah's most notable quests was his trip to The Gargoyles Nest of Thega Passing. While mentioning that this would be his next destination to Zemia, she freaked out but none the less joined him. It was around this point that the two noticed they made a great team. Noah being the "brains" of sorts, with his great deal of planning and strategy combined with Zemia's overwhelming power. This, combined with their already strong sense of teamwork made otherwise threatening quest a breeze. Despite all of this, their trip through Thegas Passing was undoubtedly going to be rough.

The two planned and prepared for a solid week. Noah studied the geography of the place while Zemia honed her spells. Eventually, at the dawn of Ekaday the two set off to their greatest quest yet, leaving just a note that said "Bye, be back soon" for their loved ones to find. Just the trip to Thega proved to be difficult given the great distance between Nazir. Kilometers of kilometers the land stretched, with food supplies beginning to dwindle as the two left the confines of civilization and into the expanse that is Amenia. Still, the two stuck with it. Zemia not once feeling ire towards Noah for the predicament they were thrust into. The constant threat of running out of food made the two develop skills for hunting and fishing, two skills that would aid the pair in the long run.

Despite her calm demeanor and understanding, Zemia did begin to feel as if the two were in over their heads. Two Eleven year olds on a quest that would shake the foundation of even trained soldiers, it just seemed to unbelievable to be true. Yet it was very true, it was her reality at this very moment. She kept these feelings of being overwhelmed away from Noah, but he did begin to see through her emotions and felt horrible for dragging his best friend into this ordeal, but like her, kept these feelings away from the other.

After a week of traveling, the two eventually reached the dreaded Thegas Passing, a canyon that was once home to one of the proud Thega Civilization, all that lived there were demons and monks. The two nearly forgot their mission but quickly remembered, to snatch a "glimmering pearl", a stone that Gargoyles hoard and as its name suggest, it is an object that greatly resembles pearls, only far larger and packs more luminosity. Known for its beauty, Noah was going to give it to his sister, Naria as an apology.

After preparing the knowledge the two had learned to slay the Gargoyles, the two engaged in combat with the foul demons. Much to their dismay, the Gargoyles were simply to much for the two. Outpacing and outmatching the children at nearly every chance. However, in the chaos, Noah spotted a perfect opening to snatch a pearl. However, as fate prefers irony, Zemia had just gotten swarmed by two Garygoyles at the same time. Though disappointed, he unhesitatingly went to protect Zemia over the pearl. However, his efforts would be in vain as the two would quickly pass out.

Thankfully the pair were saved by two kindly monks who heard their cries. The Monks made short work of the Gargoyles and nursed the children back to health. After nearly a day, Noah would wake up to find himself in their monastery. Instantly worried, he ran around, calling for Zemia and looking for her at every corner. Eventually, he wound find her in the court yard, she had awoken hours prior. The two caught up and Noah was greatly sorry for yelling in the monastery, undoubtedly disturbing the monks, however the Monks were more than understanding and just glad that the kids were fine.

The monks offered assistance to the children's trek back, with a female monk named "Zowel" asking to be a personal escort, but the two kids came to the conclusion that they bothered the monks enough. During the night, Noah was woken up by Zemia to sneak out of the monastery so they could go home on there own terms. Navigating the monastery at night was no easy task, and it probably took them longer than it should, but they got the job done.

Soon after there journey back, they realized they were being followed. Brandishing his weaponry, Noah turned around to see...Zowel keeping an eye on the two kids from beyond. Grateful, but longing to make the trip back, Noah pleaded for Zowel to go back, but she refused. After some time, the two accepted their fate and went on their journey regardless. Their trip back was remarkably calm and stable, at least compared to their trip to Thega Passing.


Noah and Zemia's return to Nazir was somewhat of a bitter-sweet reunion. While respective their families were relieved to see them alive, they were understandably upset over their absence in the first place, especially at the lack of a detailed note. While Noah was met with the embrace of his mother and his twins, most of his sisters were angry that he would do something so risky and dangerous, especially for their sake. Regardless, they were all happy to see him home and safe. Zemia drew a good margin of their ire as well, as they viewed her as a negative influence, but Noah assured them that it was all him, which in turn made them think he was a negative influence.

In the initial chaos, Noah almost completely forgot to give Naria her gift, the Thegan Pearl. After he gave her the gift, she grew teary eyed and embraced her brother. After which, Noah and Naria talked about what happened while he was away, mostly what Noah did on his big quest. His story of the quest sounded to great to be true and it really sparked Naria's imagination. At the same time, it scared her at all the stuff he went through just to say "sorry". She assured him that he didn't have to do that just for an apology and she forgives him.


About a week after his return home, Naria and Noelle wanted to go on a quest of there own. Something grander there their typical escapades in the forest dotting Nazir, but not as grand as Noah's "saga" to Thega Passing. The two wondered on what to do, and even invited Zemia and Noah. Zemia gracefully accepted and Noah begrudgingly accepted since Zemia was going. It took them a few days to decide on where to go, but the group eventually decided to explore the mysterious temple complex on the edge of Malmal Forest.

Much to his surprise, the Temple was much larger then

Growing Pains

The Orb of the Moon

Heroes of Tunda

Dragons of Yorns

Fallen Hero

Final Battles


Monk Nocturne

New Dreams


The Dim Stars

Orion Wars

An Enemy of an Enemy

Lunar Monk

Starburst Tournament

Dark Waters

Space Wars

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Master of the Moon

Time Stands Still

Esolution Saga

Edge of Time

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Peace Again


Invoker of Warmth





Nessia Nocturne

Naomi Nocturne

Nova Nocturne

Nicole Nocturne

Noah close to Nicole

Nikki Nocturne

Naria Nocturne

Naria and Noah are quite close, in fact, Noah considers her to be one of his best friends. The two hang out often and Noah clearly enjoys her company when he's running errands or taking walks around Nazir. He enjoys her weird sense of humor and generally stranger qualities. In fact, he's one of the few to put up with it. He can also relate to her ambitions to become a scholar and they occasionally study together. The two stick up for each other, though Naria finds herself standing up for Noah far more often than Noah standing up for Naria.

Naria obviously values Noah as a good friend and loves him greatly. When Noah was feeling embarrassed over being a Nocturne, she didn't think differently of him and tried to help him feel better. During the events House of Nocturne, they were on the same team during the tournament (along with Noelle), and the three had some of the best synergy among the teams.

Naria and Noelle often drag Noah into their "adventures" throughout the undocumented countryside near Nazir. Noah doesn't like the adventures, nor does he like how his sisters force him into them. He does sometimes enjoy himself, though he'd still rather spend his time in peace. During the events of Stardust and Infinite Space, Noah was dragged into exploring a recently discovered dungeon/temple. He kept fretting over his and his sisters safety as they traversed the long, narrow hallways.

After they escaped, Naria and Noelle teased about how Noah was like a mom, to his embarrassment. In A Hero Born, she again remarked about how he was motherly, but then followed up by saying that she loved that about him. In A New Start, he stood up for her in front of various scholars across Meglomenia and fought to get them to change their negative opinions on her work. While the effort was ultimately moot, she appreciated the effort and the two shared a hug.

Noelle Nocturne

Noelle is Noah's other twin. Despite their contrasting personalities, with Noah being more quiet and Noelle being rambunctious and somewhat obnoxious, they get along very well and care for each other dearly. Their relationship in general is similar to Noah's relationship with Naria.

Noah likes spending time with Noelle and looks up to her, despite being the oldest of the twins. He believes that while she may not be the smartest person, that she has a good judge of character, good sense of direction and is mature when the situation calls. He looks up to her for many reasons, such as her tough attitude, but kind composer. He once called her a "hero" when they were quite young, much to her glee.

Noelle on the other hand likes to tease Noah for a few reasons. For his femininity, almost maternal fretting. She's also always been a bit rough with him, pretty much forcing him to go on "Quest" with her and sparing with him. Though she teases him for not being as strong, she does it because she fears that Noah isn't as active as he should be.

Despite all the teasing and mocking, she really does love her brother. When he said he was ashamed of his family, she, while hurt, wanted him to feel better and didn't hold any ill will towards him. During the events of Stardust and Infinite Space, she was genuinely concerned for his safety when he feel down a hole in the Dungeon and tried her best to save him. In general, whenever her antics push him to far, she is apologetic.

As stated before, despite her teasing of him, Noah loves spending time and chatting with her. During Castle Storm and Dreams of More, he cried when he believed she was dead or seriously injured and was overjoyed to see her to be safe.

Nokia Nocturne

Nora Nocturne

Natalya Nocturne


Zemia Illadon

Zemia and Noah met as the two were checking out the flier for the Grant Tournament and two quickly became good friends. As the two bonded, they soon realized they had a lot in common, such as their often-away fathers and semi-lonely childhoods. Zemia traveled with Noah to a mountain temple complex, along with several of Noah's siblings in an attempt to "gear up" for the tournament, and on the trip, the two showed great concern and platonic affection towards each other, even the early stages of their friendship. Despite Videon demanding Zemia to no longer hang out with Noah after learning of his heritage, and the fact that Zemia occupied Noah on such a dnagerous mission, the two still found time to hang out.

Noah and Zemia would continue bonding throughout the tournament, with Zemia joining the Nocturnes in their battles against Xiths

Videon Illadon



Aveal Turniga

Mona Hunik

Shina Juri

Toma Jawol

Ashley Val


Nebula Gang

King Sigmound

Azta Kehl

Faith and Religion

Urotion Worship

Thegan Philosophy

Combat Record

Describe the persons many battles throughout the series(s), style of fighting, magic and skills.



The Old Sword

The Old Sword, dating back to the Thulanic Ages.

Main Arsenal
"The Old Sword"
It was awesome, we dashed through hallways, battled these golems, leaped over chasms, maneuvered through traps and all to find...a totally underwhelming treasure.


"The Old Sword" is exactly what it sounds like. It's a seemingly unremarkable blade of iron that Noah discovered during his (forced) exploration of the "Yeto Dungeon". Noah quickly discovered an interesting property of the sword, it never breaks. Even when the blade clashed against obviously stronger weaponry, it didn't as much chip.

Another interesting property he learned about the blade was its ability to pierce the skin of Ghouls, demons who for the longest time were thought to simply be unbeatable. However, during the final battles against Azta Kehl, the sword was lost in the infinite void that is purgatory. Despite its two special properties, the sword is generally average in most other regards. It's not particularly long, sharp or does it lack any other kind of "kick". Still, the remarkable durability the blade offers made it an invaluable defensive tool against immensely powerful opponents such as Kowl and Azta.

Historically, the sword is of mysterious origin but was dated back to over 40,000 BE and was theorized to be a sword used by Thulanic warriors during the ages of Thule and Lemura, before the calamity destroyed much of the old world. This theory began when Noah noticed the markings on the hilt of the blade appeared to look like writing -- writing he would later match up with the Thulanic script. It is unknown whether or not "The Old Sword" was used as a common, military-grade sword or if it was specifically enhanced by a certain spellcaster. In his older years, the mystery as to how the sword ended up in a Nazirian temple perplexed Noah, as not only is Nazir on the other side of Amenia, but the fact that the Sword must've been in the temple for at least 500 years, yet Thule was only rediscovered some 254 years before he was born.

Monsters of the night, run in fear! For I now wield Tindalos, the all black, diabolical sword of righteous! Wait that didn't sound right...

–Noah coming up with a "Heroic Catchphrase"

A gift from his father, Lord Nocturne. Tindalos is a massive broadsword that dwarfs Noah in size. An interesting ability of the sword is its ability to shift in size. Noah has the ability to make the sword well over 10 meters in height, or the size of a dagger and every size in between. The weight and shape can also fluctuate on Noah's whim, going from an impossibly heavy slab of steel, to a feathery rapier. While Noah isn't much of a weapon master, he uses Tindalos in most of his confrontations in some way in Volume 2 and up. Sometimes as a shield, other times as a brutally elegant saber.

Historically, Tindalos dates back to roughly 2,900 years ago, where it was personally forged by Lord Nocturne himself with a special, magic brew. Originally in the same of a massive broadsword, over 2 meters in length, the swords impressive stature alone struck fear in even brave men. Heroic characters who managed to clash against the sword were quickly overwhelmed by its magical properties and ever changing nature. After his retirement, Lord Nocturne locked the black away, never to be used again. That is, until he gave it to his son, knowing that his son wouldn't use it for evil.

Much like his father, Noah uses the sword to overwhelm enemies rather, but unlike his father, rarely uses the sword for the final blows, reflecting his more defensive nature. Noah first used the weapon in his clashes against Faeri Wolves

Aetherial Knuckles

The Aetherial Knuckles are a pair of gauntlet-like weapons found in the ruins of Anhk. They are the counterpart of the Etherial Knuckles that Noelle discovered. They're made of a strange, unnamed [by modern scholars] metal crafted with a blend of natural material and mysticism. They are super lightweight, but pack a devastating punch. Basic strikes are capable of ruining buildings and collapsing houses, while serious blows can shatter mountains. Because of their unique "quirk" of making its user forget his or her own strength, Noah tends to only use them against serious threats in environments without much people or animals.

Secondary Arsenal
Yamotan Bow

While far from a proficient marksmen, Noah has been known to use a standard bow and arrow a few times. The tools were a gift from his oldest sister, Nessia. He has yet to use this weapon in an effective manner.


Sword of Nocturne

The Sword of Nocturne, the infamous sword that split the world.

Main Arsenal
The Sword of Nocturne
I hereby dub the...The heir to the Nocturne Throne. Make your father proud...

–Master Nocturne in his last days

A gift from his late father, "The Sword of Nocturne" was the blade his father "Lord Nocturne" used in his many conquest and sacks. Lord Nocturne stated that while the sword has done utterly irredeemable acts of vile in the past, he truly hopes Noah redeems it. The sword holds great sentimental value for obvious reasons, but is also an incredibly powerful weapon to boot. The blade was not from the world it nearly conquered, instead it was crafted from meteoric metals, harder and more durable than any metal found on Amenia. The sword was said to have never dulled and always sliced through its target.

In addition to its already impressive build and stature, the sword was greatly enhanced by the Ethereal arts. Imbued with the power of Pathon, the rightest moon, the deathly sword gained a quality all to devastating and unique. The sword could bend space on a limited, but impressive scale. If the user wanted to, he could create distortions in space-time and eviscerate enemies. The blade had a well of potentiate abilities that made it such a powerful weapon. It could get rid of enemies weapons and even get rid of their arms and legs. It could displace the units in the battlefields, causing soldiers to die by their fellow soldiers hands. It could artificially dim the battlefield. The possibilities were almost endless.

Of course, Noah would prefer to not use the full effects of the sword as it's usually considered inhumane, but if he's in a life-or-death situation, he will resort to said abilities. Typically, Noah uses the abilities in a less fatal way. Instead of turning an enemy inside out, he'll remove their armory and instead of banishing them to a place that doesn't exist, he'll push them back several kilometers. He still uses it to rule a battlefield, but in a more merciful way. The sword can also be used as an incredibly useful defensive tool, creating spatial boundaries or forcefully extending the space between Noah and his opponent are both useful abilities for keeping his enemies at yards end.

At its height of power (I.E. when used by Lord Nocturne), the sword was compared to the Sword of Nihles and Scepter of Beelzebub, in terms of brute destructive capacity, it doesn't quite compare, however, it's sheer versatility and powers can give it a comparable level of mayhem. In the hands of Noah, it hasn't reached it's previous peak. This can be attributed to the fact that Noah simply doesn't want it to reach that peak because if it does, several innocents will most likely be killed or brutally injured in the end result.

Thegan Shield

A shield used by ancient Thegan monks before the Meso Empire wiped out the entire Thegan Civilization. The shield on the surface isn't anything to spectacular. It was made from a metal called "Aegi", which is incredibly hard and durable, but relatively light. The shields are known for their mobility and flexibility. As Noah tends to use forcefields, his shield doesn't see as much use as it does in the hands of most monks, but he still uses it a fair share of the time.

The shield is large and circular in shape. It has a diameter of roughly roughly 1 meter. It's relatively thick with a thickness of around 10 centimeters. Most shields are specifically designed in a way to make projectiles "roll" off instead of making direct full on contact. Some monks even coated the shields in a special potion that generate a small gravitational pull that would slow the trajectory of said projectiles. Noah tends to not use these potions since the also "pull" the wielder inwards which makes it awkward to maneuver on the battlefield, but has access to the potions that do this.

Most shields also have an engraving of an event. Sometimes a sentimental events, or a religious one. Since most shields come from a bygone era, the engravings are usually from that era. The event depicted on Noah's shield is that of a young family, a newly wed couple holding their first born child. Even though the art is so simplistic, Noah can sense the happiness radiating off of the shield. It gives him a boost in morale in more stressful situations.

Boots of Nier

A gift from his dear friend, Aveal Turniga. The boots were crafted by Nier; the goddess of love; herself and Noah treasured the gift as a gift of love from his mentor. The boots allow him to move at speeds that appear as a blur to even the Knights of Yorn and can maneuver perfectly at such blinding speeds. The biggest advantage the boots give him is his ability to perceive actions in a frame-by-frame like perception, giving him enough time to dodge. The boots also grant a level of regenerative qualities, allowing him to heal from wounds rather quickly.



The Candle of Warmth

Powers and Abilities

Schools of Magic


  • Mind Magic. At first, Noah wasn't aiming to be an adventurer, so he wasn't aiming his magic to be offensive in any real way. Instead, much of his early studies revolved around learning basic mind manipulative magic; or Telekinesis. By connecting his mind to the flow of time, he can perceive events at a controlled rate, move distant objects, breach the mind of others and so on, all to varying degrees of proficiency.
    • Wavelink Movements. Through this method, Noah can move objects at will. Though he has the basics down pat, he's still very sloppy at actually performing it in situations where his and others lives are on the line. He still has trouble moving large and small objects for various reasons. This spell can work wonders by attacking his enemy with several large objects at once or by using said large objects as a protective barrier of sorts.
    • Time Dilation. A basic ability of Mind Magic that Noah has some degree of skill over is Time Dilation. By "super enhancing" his mental capabilities, he can perceive time at slower intervals, effectively enhancing his reaction speed considerably. Though while this ability makes him think much faster, it does not make him faster, a good punch or hit can knock Noah right out of this state of mind. If he is to be knocked out of this state of mind, then his mind will temporarily "break", processing various memories at super high speeds which makes him unable to focus at anything.
    • Teleportation. By focusing on a detailed account of an area that Noah has been to at least once, he can transport him and very close objects. This skill is not particularly combat applicable due to the slow nature of it, but it can potentially be used in tight situations.
  • Perception Altering Magic. Magic that focuses on altering the perception of others, whether by actually altering what they hear, see or feel, or by projecting holograms or other such "structures". Magic of this variety obviously has no destructive capabilities as it produces no tangible constructs. Instead, these abilities are generally supportive or used to distract, or in some cases, incapacitate others.
    • Memory Projection and Manipulation. An ability Noah has only recently started learning. Through this art, Noah is able to vividly show off his and others memories in a beautiful manner.
    • Scanning. Another useful ability Noah has picked up on is the ability to scan areas to get a rough mental image of the surrounding area.
  • Creation Abilities. Spells of this sub-school rely on using mental projection to create real, semi-tangible objects. Most commonly they create forcefields for protection temporary weaponry. For more experienced mages, they can use this ability to create complex objects out of thin air.
    • Forcefields. One of Noah's more useful defensive and supportive abilities his his power to create forcefields. These forcfields are invisible and lightweight, able to be moved, expanded and shrunk on whim. This means he can activate them without his opponents noticing, as well as use them to protect whoever happens to be nearby. While typically manageable, these forcefields do begin to drain him if used in extended periods of time, this is accelerated by how big the forcefields are. The durability of these forcefields tend to vary on his current level of stamina. If he's well rested, then the shield is nigh-unbreakable, but if he's tired or wounded, then the barrier can be broken, but still requires some effort.
    • Bubbles. Bubbles are often associated with forcefields, but are different enough to be classified as different. These spells create much less durable shielding, often in a spherical expanse. The draw of these spells is that they reduce the weight of anything within them to crazy low numbers and thus can be moved through Telekinesis, Air Magic or other methods. Effectively, this allows its users to fly great distances, with companions in the same bubble.


  • Fire Manipulation. To put it simply, Fire Manipulation is the creation and manipulation of fire. It's often seen as a wildly destructive sub-school of Elemental Magic and for good reason. Fire creation through the magic burns hotter and spreads more rapidly depending on the mindset of the user. An adrenaline pumped maniac's fire can burn an entire forest down without much effort, causing massive wildfires that can threaten kingdoms, but a gentler person can create a lite blaze for firewood.
    • Heat Manipulation. A side effect of fire manipulation is the heat it gives off, that much should be obvious, but Wizards like Noah can also generate heat from nothing. This heat can be used for heating a small room, but is otherwise not hot enough to cause any real damage. Counter productively, the heat doesn't work in the frigid cold nearly as well. In a sense, Noah's lack of mastery over this ability makes it somewhat of a novelty only, having no real use in combat scenarios or utility use.
  • Ice Manipulation. In contrast to the destructive and brutal Fire Magic, Ice Magic is often seen as a more elegant and proud, but no less cataclysmic. Ice Magic is often seen as a method to create breath taking statues depicting anything from beautiful women to esteemed heroes of years past. The nice "image" the sub-school has received has almost masked how powerful the magic can be. Powerful Ice-Based wizards can freeze entire towns and cities, some can even cause Ice Ages on a planetary scale; though very little can perform magic on such a disastrous scale.
    • Cold Manipulation. Similarly to Heat Manipulation, Noah has the ability drop the temperature down. This has much the same applications as heat manipulation in reverse, such as cooling down a hot location, but also has much the same draw backs. It cannot be used in areas of extreme heat, nor can it be used in a large scale. Much like Noah's Heat altering magic, these spells are little more than novelty.
  • Earth Manipulation. Manipulation over the planet is a very powerful power indeed. While Fire Manipulation has an image of being merciless, Ice Manipulation being elegant, Earth Manipulation has an image of ruggedness, neither destructive nor delicate. Although most users of Earth based arts can't affect landscapes larger than hills, the most powerful mages can alter entire planets on a global scale.
  • Lightning Manipulation. Lightning Magic is as quick as lightning itself, whether its calling calling upon thunder from the sky or producing it from a weapon of sorts. While the scale of destruction isn't as grandiose as Ice, Fire or Earth Magic, Lightning is a very lethal method of dispatching enemies in 1v1 combat.
  • Vegetation Manipulation. The manipulation, creation and alteration of vegetation and plant life may not seem like a particularity powerful skill to have at first, but the subtleties of its applications become more clear the more one studies its mysteries. Users of the ability have the power to alter and grow plants, as well as gain similar properties of the planets, such as accelerated healing in sunlight. The appliance of the sub-school isn't very combat oriented and tends to focus more on life utility, but can still be applied in combat scenarios.
  • Terrestrial Manipulation.

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  • Gravity Manipulation. With the ability to manipulate gravity, Noah can stop projectiles in their places, lift enemies and even alter basic laws of gravity in minor, big significant ways, such as reversing the laws of kinetic energy and potential energy. Another useful ability is to alter the Gravitational Energy of a target, causing other objects to be attracted to it, making him stuck in place. A much more potent application is the ability to manipulate the specific gravity of an enemy, causing them to become less or more dense.
  • Weather Manipulation. Though the ability to manipulate the weather isn't combat applicable, it's still an incredibly powerful ability to have. Noah can use it to cause hurricanes, storms and even throw tornadoes at his enemies, causing panic in armies and single foes alike. An underestimated application of this power is the powerful winds it can generate, some of which can even topple soldiers.
  • Sound Manipulation. A very underestimated aspect of Noah's arsenal is the ability to manipulate sound and noise. Using these powers, Noah is capable of generating noises so loud or high pitch that it can burst the eardrums of enemies, or at least give them serious headaches.
  • Explosion Causation. His most bombastic set of spells are the ones that can cause explosions, or explosion like effects. They're effective for dealing with several enemies, but due to their difficulty to aim and lack of general flexibility, Noah doesn't rely on them very much.

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  • Matter Manipulation.
  • Anti-Matter Manipulation.
  • Transmutation.
  • Alchemy.

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Aether is the mind. Aether is the imagination. Aether is the love we all share. Aether is the art and the beautiful. Aether is the destiny that mortals forge for themselves.

–Archangel Michael

  • Astral Manipulation.
  • Dream Manipulation.


Ether is the body. Ether all that is solid, unchanging on its own; but can be molded into something purely unique.

–Archangel Rafael

  • Cosmic Awareness. Through deep mediation, Noah is allow to link his mind with the cosmos and see all that there is to be seen. Through this mediation, he saw all life on Amenia at once, he saw distant Galaxies, he saw the Urotian Deities fighting some distant war. However, grandest of all, he spied the higher land of Aether, a higher dimensional domain. He was only able to "view it dimly". What he saw was so bizarre and utterly alien, yet so pure and real.

Work in progress


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Skills and Traits


  • Martial Arts. Despite his strength, Noah didn't have a means to actually fight with any sense of competency. His twin sister, Noelle, sought to fix that. By the time the tournament rolled around, Noah was a decent fighter, but not a master by any stretch of the word. His style focused more on defensive positioning with occasional strong strikes, not so much on blazing speed. His method of trying to distance himself from his opponent worked well in combination with his innate ability to analyze every little movement his enemy would take, often coming up with effective strategies on the fly. When desperate times called for desperate measures, Noah would deploy a style very similar to his aforementioned sister and rushed enemies at top speed with all of his strength.


  • Work Ethic. One of the more impressive traits Noah has is his impressive work ethic. While he may not be the strongest, fastest, bravest or even smartest of his family, he strides to become an impressive wizard in his own right. Always trying to enhance his spellcraft, Noah is specialized, or attempting to become specialized in the arts of "Mind Magic", Magic that more focuses on using ones own mind to manipulate the placement of objects, peoples thoughts, memories and so on.

Weapon Mastery

  • Swordsmanship. Ever since Noah was a young boy, he was taught in the arts of swordplay by his father. While his father eventually stopped teaching him when he realized his son wasn't a "fighting type", the lessons he instilled in Noah proved to be more than useful during his many adventures. Much like his fighting style, Noah's Swordsmanship focuses on a very defensive style rather than an offensive one. Using his sword to block and parry attacks while analyzing every little movement the enemy makes to find an opening of some sorts.
  • Staffmanship. While melee combat with Staves isn't necessarily out of question, Noah and most Staff Users tend to use the weapons as a sort of "conductor" of magic. Additionally, Staves are typically enhanced with basic shield charms, increasing their durability and endurance by great levels.

Biological Traits

Vampirish Abilities

  • Slight Night Vision. Noah can see in the dark at a slightly better level than humans.
Beware the vampires, lords of the night and masters of fright. As swift as the wind, no sword shall pierce their skin. Beware the vampires, stronger than a hundred men, darkness is their only friend. Beware the vampires, curses of the shadows.

–Old Saying

  • Superhuman Characteristics. Like his siblings, Noah was born with enhanced physical attributes to an almost superhuman degree. Despite the fact that he's the weakest of the Nocturne family, he still shocks people with his feats of basic strength, such as lifting large, heavy objects like they're paper. While his eventual superhuman qualities can mostly be attributed to the trials he was forced to brave due to his fathers pride, there is an undeniable fact that a good portion of his strengths can be contributed to his vampire blood.
    • Superhuman Strength. While he's considered weak by most wizard standards, Noah is still a physical match for the likes of Zenma Illadon, who can break down doors and crack trees with melee strikes. While going all out, Noah can affect people as strong and durable as Videon Illadon, though this causes immense physical strain on his body.
    • Superhuman Durability. A much appreciated and beloved quirk of his vampiric ancestry is his thicker skin. Vampiric skin is harder than humans by a considerable, but often times exaggerated degree. Ancient tales told of how the skin of vampires was like that of Anakazi Armor [one of the hardest armors known throughout Meglomenia], but that is a huge hyperbole. Instead, Vampirish skin is hard enough so that conventional arrows wont pierce it, and can deflect even sword swings from above average humans. Besides this, Noah, like most Wizards, is very durable.
    • Superhuman Speed. Speed is one of the few categories that his ancestry didn't quite improve upon. Noah isn't exactly fast by Vampire standards, not even being as fast as the slowest vampires in terms of sheer movement speed. Noah's speed instead mostly comes from his sister, Noelle, who forced him to partake in many exercises with her and attempted to train him in such regards.
    • Superhuman Stamina. True Vampires can have virtually limitless stamina, they never fatigue as long as they got what they needed; blood. Noah doesn't quite have it like this. As half-human, he has very human needs such as food, water, sleep and so on. Still, his stamina is considerably higher than average humans, as shown in his families ability to go on long treks with virtually no fatigue.
  • Darkness Resistance. "Darkness is their only friend" isn't just a metaphor, Vampires are very resistant towards Darkness based magic. Weak and very basic Magic spells will not affect them in the slightest. They're far from immune, though, powerful spells will still hurt them and some more advanced spells actually bypass their resistance through the use of complex charm based magic. Noah has the full effect of this resistance, despite being only a half vampire.
  • Weakness to Holy. In contrast to their resistance to Darkness, they are quite weak against Holy and other Light based schools of Magic. Despite only being a half-vampire, Noah takes the full blunt of his weakness, as he takes the full advantage to his resistance to Darkness. While Holy spells don't necessarily dish out any additional damage against Noah [at once], they weaken his body, drain him of his stamina and cause a deep, burning sensation throughout his body, rattling every bone in their body. While it causes no permanent damage, it can make them lose balance and lose their hand-eye coordination for a few moments. The applications of abusing this weakness in battle is obvious, and was used by many villagers during the initial Vampire-Human "wars" of years past.
  • Weakness to Loud Noises. Incredibly high pitch noises affect Vampires and Half-Vampires in a much more severe than on Humans. The noise in question gets completely stuck into their body
  • Weakness to Sunlight. While Noah can operate most task in the daylight without an issue, extended periods directly within its light can cause some issues. While it's not typically a big deal, it can make him more sluggish, tired and slow witted. Extended periods in the dark, or just inside is the only real cure.
  • Weakness to Whimsy Aether. A school of Magic known for two things, it's hard to use-but nigh-limitless powers and it's sheer lethality. Whimsy Magic is an extension of ones imagination above all else. Whatever the conjurer thinks of, it becomes real. This power manifest mostly in the minds of children and creative types throughout the world. Interestingly, the magic seems strikingly effective against Vampires and Ghouls above all else. Additionally, the side effects of whatever the caster thinks of become all the more deadly on the aforementioned Vampires and Ghouls.
  • Blood Sucking. Vampires have the innate ability to suck blood from animals and intelligent races alike. Blood serves as sort of like a fuel source for Vampires. It quickly replenishes their stamina, can make them more energetic and can even increase their strength by varying degrees. While Noah finds the act distasteful, he can still do it. He is willing to use it on unintelligent animals since it won't kill them or even seriously wound them, but she finds it "weird" to perform.
  • Curse of Vampirism. One of the most powerful Vampiric abilities is being able to spread "The Curse of Vampirism". As the name implies, it spreads the curse to others, turning them into Vampires. It can be spread through the wind, through bites or even through water. What makes the curse a powerful weapon in combat is that newly turned Vampires are greatly weakened for days on end [usually 3, can be as high as 8] and their "Vampiric" weaknesses are greatly worsened.

Golmilic Abilities

Fighting Style

Alternate Timelines

Amenia Lost

Noah's fate in Amenia Lost is largely unknown, but very grim. Nazir was destroyed as a side effect of Ebon's spellcraft. To avenge his family, Lord Nocturne went out of hiding to attempt to defeat Ebon. While his battle was lost and he was killed, he did slow Ebown down enough to be stopped by the remaining Heroes of Nocturne.

Lunatic Dawn

Noah's role in the events of the Lunatic Dawn haven't been explored, but were very important. He, along with the help of the Heroes of Tunda and his friends managed to repeal the invading Merolites who in this timeline invaded about 5 years earlier.

Vampiric Rain

Noah was a primary antagonist, turned ally in Vampiric Rain. In which his father didn't have a change of heart having meeting Najira and instead kept up his evil deeds. In this timeline he only bore three children, Noah, Naria and Noelle, whom he raised himself. While he still cared for his children, he wanted them to grow up in his footsteps and not forge their own destiny. Because of this, he virtually brainwashed them all to become warlords like him and they took and conquered as they liked.

Despite this though, Noah had a good heart and despite his tyrannic tirades, he never killed anyone, or at least never on purpose. After being confronted on a deeper, emotional level by the Heroes of Tunda, Noah finally gained the confidence to rebel against his father and sisters, who like Noah had good hearts underneath their exteriors.

Legendary Wars

Noah participated in the Legendary Wars in the Cosmic Arena side by side the heroes and villains of the Multiverse. Like other participates, Noah was essentially cloned from the "actual" Noah (Amenia-Prime Noah), but with the memories of Noah up until his introduction to the tournament. Noah was scared and confused, but fought anyway and like the other heroes, rebelled against Zeltar.


  • Update Personality section. Noah is irritable, has somewhat of a bad temper but still tries to be nice.