Tunda, also known as the Ocean Town, Blue Town, Star City or The Dire Land. It is a city-state located on the Zurq Peninsula, within the Valley of Kingdoms sector of Outward Head, Meglomenia. It is currently the third largest city within the Outward Head by land, owning well over 1.5k km^2 of land and 5th largest in population, with a population of over 1.3 Million. The Cities current ruling monarch is Toma Jawol, though due to health issues in his later years, may be passed down to his next of kin.



Sons of Eko


Age of Heroes

Blue Town

Ocean Blue

City of Bewilderment

Zurq Dynasty

Golden Age

Bronze Age


Darkforce Conspiracy

Not What They Seem

Land of the Dire

Nightmare City

The Royal River Incident

Days of Toma