House Phoenix

Kuu "Kayden" Heart

Kuu (Goes by Kayden because of his weird first name) is the main character of "Vintasia". He is the son of the late Viktor and Valery Tinsa and was raised among "Normal Folk" alongside a little sister named Kate. Kayden and Kate are not related, but they look similar enough so that the parents could raise them as siblings without the two being the wiser.

Kayden is a good natured and laid back guy. He's willing to go out of his way to help others with their problems and believes in strong values. Despite this, he does have an underlining greedy aspect to him. He likes keeping things to himself and sometimes gets upset over the notion of sharing his spoils with others, but will usually do the right thing in the end. He can also be a bit of an attention hog when it comes to his successes.

Kayden has a good sense of humor, or at least he thinks he does. He's usually cracking jokes and teasing his friends, especially Aerith and Blossom. He'll stop if he ever "hits a nerve". He can come off as insensitive, and somewhat is. He rarely means to offend or anger others, but he doesn't know when he's upset others and especially doesn't know how to comfort them.

He's a very adventurous person by heart. His adoptive father often took him hiking and camping regularly throughout his childhood and so Kayden has developed somewhat of a "mountain man" motif that comes out when he's away from civilization.

Kayden is undoubtedly brave. Even before realizing the potential of his psychic abilities, he did battle with a Gargoyle-like-monster to protect his sister and is more than willing to brave many harsh quests.

Despite his many flaws and negative personality traits, Kayden has made several friends at Shimmerwitz and has been called "one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet" by some of his friends.

His role as the leader of Phoenix Dorm was a role that he grew into quickly. While his leadership tactics weren't always the best, his commanding presence made others follow him unquestionably. His utterly brave nature, combined with his tendency to rush in led him to gain a stigma of a fearless leader and/or stupid moron, depending on who you ask.

BATTLE STUFF Weapon Type - Spears.

Armor - Lite, Medium

Magic - Psychic (Main). Can theoretically learn most magics due to his nature as a Kobbite.

Beatrice "Blossom" Belmadere

Beatrice "Blossom" Belmadere is a main character in Vintasia. She is a member of House Phoenix [Same dorm as Kayden]. She was born and raised on the Belmadere family farm. A kind and sweet, but tough girl, Blossom spent much of her childhood working on the farm among her workers. Due to her upbringing, Blossom is a very hardworking individual who will not slouch on the job, even for a second.

She's a very friendly person, treating anyone around her like family and is very respectful to others. Despite this, she will not hesitate to call someone she cares about out anything bad they may've done. She's motherly and compassionate, but can also be very stern when she believes someone isn't doing.

Partly due to her sheltered life, Blossom has a hard time adjusting to the more urban environment of Shimmerwitz and Saint Tinsa Square, and doesn't quite know how to use her magic in more conventional manners. She's far from dumb, but isn't very educated in several regards. She's somewhat of a slow learner and ended up having to be tutored by other students from time to time.

Aerith Lutter

Aerith Lutter is a member of House Phoenix. She grew up in a poor and broken family, raised by a single, overworked but loving father with her younger, adoptive brother. Aerith is hot headed, reckless, brave, energetic, strong willed, cocky, arrogant and brash. She initially comes off as rude and a tad spiteful to most, but it's only because of her somewhat gruff nature. The more others get to know her, the more kindness they see slip through her rough personality. She has a true heroes heart and is willing to risk it all for others, even strangers.

Although, despite her cocky and arrogant exterior, She understands that she isn't a "one woman army" and fully realizes her weaknesses and faults, but will still try to do immensely difficult task on her own to prove a point. Her major strengths include her H2H/CQC combat and scouting work. When she deals with someone whom she considers an equal or a superior, she demands to fight them 1v1.

Outside of training and combat, Aeriths interests are, surprisingly enough, science and literature. While she's not a scientist by any means, she's deeply fascinated with engineering and electronics. As for literature, Aerith enjoys science-fiction and mystery novels above all else.

Aerith is also a good cook and has impressive foresight abilities. Despite her reckless fighting style, when need be, she can sit down and help devise strategies with Kayden and Atherius.

Buried under her demeanor, Aerith has a lot of insecurities. She feels like she has to be "number 1" to be someone, and she believes the only way to be "number 1" is by fighting. She puts aside her other passions and interest simply to propel her potential career as a soldier or something of that nature. She treats the old saying "No matter how strong you are, theirs always someone stronger" as an unhealthy challenge and ignores the actual point of it. Overtime, she understands this fixation is unhealthy and tries to become a more well rounded person.

Henry Lutter

Henry Lutter is a main character of Vintasia and a member of House Phoenix. He is the slightly younger brother of Aerith Lutter. Unlike his sister, who was used for her talent, Henry was neglected by his parents. Growing up, this made Henry feel useless and somewhat envious of his sister. Eventually, Henry's mindset matured and any resentment he felt toward his sister was washed away. Henry wanted to turn his crappy childhood into something productive, and developed heroic ambitions, trying to protect people and end despair wherever he could.

Henry is very kind, always lending a helpful hand and tries to help people as much as he can possibly can, but sometimes bites off more than he can chew and messes up. He's polite to a T, but if someone is blatantly being rude, he can be snarky in response. Still, he holds no grudges and treats everyone with a high degree of respect. He isn't usually effective in his heroic deeds, sometimes falling over himself but his attempts are always sincere and sometimes, he does the job.

Henry is also quite goofy and silly. He has an odd sense of humor that he shares with Lucious and the two love goofing all with each other. He and Kayden has a similar relationship, the two often mess and teas each other in good fun. Henry was quick to become good friends with most of the members of House Phoenix. Despite this, he and his sister have typical sibling rivalry, with the rivalry being one sided in Aeriths favor.

On the field, Henry specializes in Elemental Magic and thus he has a decent command over the forces of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. He typically uses Water and Fire however. At first his command over the magic is somewhat limited, but as the story goes on, he becomes more adept in using them to his favor, often blending them with Earth magic to create geysers or eruptions. He is also reasonably skilled in telekinesis, but struggles to use it offensively and instead uses it for utility works. He strides to become better than his sister. This varies from friendly rivalry to something that can fuel his low self esteem into a depression depending on his outlook.

Despite his self esteem problems, Henry is generally optimistic and good spirited, though he sometimes has to force his optimism to please others and himself. He's also strong willed and determined, though that goes without saying. However, unlike Lucious who tries to finds the good in everyone, even criminals, Henry has a limit. He will never forgive his parents, nor will he forgive someone willingly hurting a child (unless said child was using his magic to hurt others, but even then Henry feels that said child shouldn't be hurt). Likewise, he finds murderers to be unreasonable. After he learns what Simon did in the years past, he grows a massive vendetta against him despite not being personally affected by his atrocities.

Henry didn't grow up with a TV, nor did he have any books and didn't have a way to listen to music, so he didn't really have much in the way of interest. Upon moving into House Phoenix, he was introduced to comicbooks and novels and fell in love with them. Tales of heroism, romance, imagination and horror utterly fascinated him. While not a fan per say, he also watches a lot of TV shows with Kayden and the rest before sleep. Henry picked up writing as a hobby, though isn't interested in becoming an author of novels.

Lucious "Lucas" Trum

Lucious "Lucas" Trum is a member of the House Phoenix ad a main character of Vintasia. He's the oldest member of the Dorm by a few months. He's very large for his age, and is a solid foot taller than Kayden and Atherius. He's considered a gentle giant by many, as his personality does not reflect his status as a warrior at all. Lucious aspires to be a constable, someone who protects the innocent from the wicked, and try to reform the wicked.

In part of his nature, Lucious can be very naive when it comes to morality. If someone whom he previously noted as being a "bad guy" simply says they're reformed, he'll believe that and consider them a friend. He truly believes everyone, even the most wicked has a softer side and refuses to give up on anyone.

Other than that, Lucious is very jovial. Often making light hearted jokes at the surroundings. A trait that made Kayden attach to him rather early. While his jokes are very tame at first, he gets a progressively darker sense of humor as Kayden's habits rub off on him. Lucious is also a decently intelligent student in most subjects, but is most knowledgeable in science and math, which catches people off guard.

Lucious is also an outstanding cook, being designated as the main cook for House Phoenix, even over the head teacher. He also cooks with insight to what his friends need. A hardy meal before missions, a quick snack on the run, etc.

However, Lucious is very impatient when it comes to time. While he's patient with people, if he's forced to wait hours on something, he will show some serious ire. He's also emotionally cut when someone who he believed to be nice turned to be vile, but he doesn't let it affect his morals.

Agatha Hierophant

Agatha Hierophant is a main character in Vintasia and a member of House Phoenix. She is arguably the most talented member of the group, but is rocked by insecurities brought upon her heritage. Worked to the bone by her parents, trying to use her prowess to support her family (I.E. Making her parents rich). She eventually escaped and was picked up by Kirkland, who escorted her to Shimmerwitz.

She's very shy around strangers, but is rather comfortable in-front of friends. She doesn't quite "get" what normal social contact with friends typically is, so she appears weird but charming to them [think Starfire from Teen Titans]. She's very caring and friendly and likes to make friends, though a lot of students are initially put off by her awkward behavior. Much like Kayden, Lucious and Aerith, she has a strong sense of justice and heroism. During quest and missions, she usually maintains a calm composure and, with great strain, can keep that composure even in stressful situations.

Mysteriously, Agatha's powers are linked to the underlining magic cosmic, the building blocks of the universe. Wizards of this caliber were stated to only be a myth from a specific bloodline, which lead Kirkland to theorize that she was adopted or even kidnapped from her birth parents. Judging by her abusive parents, Kirkland assumed the ladder.

Much like Atherius, Agatha was rather fascinated by "Normal Folk" culture and enjoyed reading their books.

Ashley Tre'lazu

Ashley Tre'lazu (Refered to as Misses Ash by most) is the dormhead and of House Phoenix and the teacher of basic telekinesis. She's young, eccentric and strange, but well meaning. Though she may not always seem like it, she takes the education of her students very seriously and if she feels that a student isn't doing their all, then she'll step in. She's a very compassionate woman who cares deeply for her students and shows great concern for both their safety and future. She takes on a motherly role for her dorm students, but treats them like equals rather than students.

Ashley sympathizes with Aerith, Atherius and Agatha due to the parental issues (Aeriths mother dyin, Atherius's parents dying, Agatha's parents being neglectful). She always tries to cheer up her students when they're down. Despite her friendly attitude, she can be very stern and can push her students hard if she feels its for the best. At first she tries not to show it, but when House Phoenix is in a particularly dangerous sounding mission, she gets incredibly worried about their safety.

She also has a blooming romance with Mr. Canter, the survival teacher. Mr. Canter shows a similar level of care for his students and acts like a friend rather than a teacher half the time. Canter shares his feelings for Ashley and the two eventually start dating and have a child. Ashley also views Kirkland as somewhat of a father figure, always seeking him out for advice and respects his opinion greatly.

She doesn't show it much, but Ashley, like all teachers, is an exceptionally powerful Witch in her own right. While she teaches Telekinesis, she's proficient in all elemental magics as well, her most powerful strength is her "expansive mind", she's able to cast spells of different elements in rapid succession and overwhelm her enemies.

House Leviathan

Chase Carolina

Chase Carolina is a major character in Vintasia and a member of House Leviathan. He is a boy of african-american descent. Chase is a fiercely competitive person, always turning everything into a competition, even if his "opponents" aren't on board. Because of this, we was keen on reigniting the infamous "Phoenix v Leviathan" rivalry that's been a staple of Shimerwitz culture. Chase considered Kayden to be his rival from day 1 since the two had a somewhat similar past (Average kids who didn't realize their magical powers). Chase is almost always active, rarely ever sitting down or resting. Almost never bored, Chase tries to live life to its fullest.

Despite his competitiveness, Chase very rarely antagonizes anyone. He's on friendly terms with Kayden and the two have a good relationship with Kayden matching his rivalry vigor. The two are always trying to out do each other at everything, but both are willing to help each other achieve their goals or help them practice. In jest, the two have been called romantics for each other by friends and family.

Before he went to Schimmerwitz, Chase grew up in the united states in an average, middle class family with his two parents and little sister named Virginia. Chases magic started to manifest around the time he turned 12, with him noticing weird stuff happening around him. His parents were none the wiser and were non magical folk ("Normal Folk") and thought his early manifestations of magic were just "odd things" like electric black outs, inconsistent weather and animals being attracted to their house.

At the age of 14, his family was informed of his and his sisters Virginia magical abilities and the following year they were brought to Schimmerwitz. His parents were confused, worried, a bit scared and concerned over the ordeal, but were accepting of their magical abilities. After the confusion died down, his dad called Chases magic "The coolest damn thing ever".

When on quest, Chase is the de facto leader of his house. When he has to fight enemies, he's wild, always moving quickly and slugging it out with any enemy. He's not a very strategic mind, but is willing to employ strategies (though he's never the one to write them) and will quiet down if the situation calls, but given the moments notice he will spring into action. He's not considered the best leader by his dorm...

Chase isn't the smartest student of Schimmerwitz. His grades range from low to average in most subjects, but excels in classes regarding his specific types of magic. He specializes in both gravity and electricity magic, with some proficiency in dark and light. His light magic is useful for blinding and stunning enemies, while his darkness magic is useful for disorienting enemies. In combination, he can use gravity magic to slow enemies to a crawl and stop the trajectory of their weaponry, while additionally using electricity to affect them in a large area. Outside of combat situations, he uses his gravity magic as a form of telekinesis and general utility.

Despite the fact that he tries to appear fearless and brave, Chase has a massive fear of snakes, cockroaches, spiders and worms. He also has a fear of the paranormal like ghost, monsters and especially aliens. He tries to accept the fact that "what was paranormal is now the normal", but has a hard time coming to grips with that. Even though he's scared of ghost, he doesn't hate them ans has actually befriended a ghost before. Nothing can ever shake his fear of aliens, however.

Chase also has a fondness for Superhero media. A trait picked up from his dad, who was an avid collector of comics. The tales of heroism partly shaped Chases modern mindset and inspired him to be somewhat heroic. If reads theirs a quest that involves someones well being (I.E. A concerned father requesting someone to rescue his son), he'll accept the quest in a heart beat and not accept payment (or give his payment to his companions on the quest). This heroic side of Chase isn't seen all to often by most due to his more loud personality traits, but its something known and respected by most of his friends.

Under his fun exterior, Chase is rather confused about his placement in life. He doesn't know whether or not he wants to live the normal life or the magical life and is especially confused with his place in the world. His entire world view changed in a night and in a weeks time, he basically lives a completely different life. He doesn't try to dwell on it, but it sometimes keeps him up at night. Ultimately, he decides to live a primarily normal life in America as a repair man, but occasionally visits the magical land of Vintasia with his to-be wife.

Monica Qumi

Monica Qumi is a major character of Vintasia and a member of House Leviathan. In some ways, she's similar to Aerith in the sense that she's hot blooded and quick to anger, on a surface level analysis, the two appear very similar. However, that's where the major similarities end. Monica isn't a brawler or even a fighter by nature. Monica is very academic, but it surprises her friends how little she actually studies. She has a very analytical mind, often analyzing school projects and lessons. She also has an innate ability to "piece stuff together".

Outside of her intelligence, Monica has a bad reputation for her rude and sometimes downright mean behavior. She enjoys teasing and making fun of her housemates and finds great amusement in their annoyances. Sometimes she plays practical jokes or pranks on them, she tailors each prank for maximum annoyance. She doesn't really know where to draw the line in her behavior and is often put at odds with her friends.

Her friends -- through great willpower -- put up with her constant berating and belittlement and either look past it or simply bare with it. Sometimes however, if an insult or prank goes to far, they'll blow up at her. One such incident happened with Chase telling her off for how awful and unbearable she's been.

On the flip side, Monica is rather protective of her friends, much to their confusion. Often giving anyone who bullies them, especially her younger friends like Virginia, Kate and Arin, living hell. In a way, she sees her friends as family, and so she acts around her friends how she acts around her family -- which leads her friends who wonder what her family life must be like -- so she does care about them deep in her blackheart.

On the field, Monica serves as the teams strategist, and she's a very good one at that. Her analytical mind allows her to predict the possible reactions her enemies face to her tactics and plan around it. She, along with Atherius and Kayden planned the final assault on Simon's castle. While she's not a particularly good fighter, she's decently proficient in Ice and Shadow magic. Shadow magic allowing her to manipulate the movements of her enemies and add an extra layer to her plans, while Ice is used as a back up, freezing enemies in places and otherwise slowing down groups.

Monica considers herself the leader of the dorm [despite Chase being the actual leader] and often refers to herself as such when meeting with other dorms and often gives her dorm mates orders, much to there annoyance. She does this because she's scared of Chase making a full of himself and by extension, Leviathan dorm. Chase takes offense to this attitude, and the two argue over it. Monica considers herself a better leader than Chase since Chase is so playful and not always serious, while Chase thinks he's doing pretty good for themselves. Since Chase and Monica are so different in most regards and both are competitive in their own ways, the two have somewhat of a sibling rivalry.

In terms of interest, Monica aspires to be a science-fiction novelist, as she's fascinated with "what could be". When Aerith learns this, the two gain a bond as two lovers of science fiction. Eventually they grow a friendly relationship, Aerith often giving Monica ideas and Monica telling Aerith about her stories. The twos friendship confuse their friends, since they're both so rude to their friends, but friendly and polite to each other.

Zachary Lanstead

Zachary Lanstead is a major character in Vintasia and member of House Leviathan. A boy who grew up in the United States without knowing he had magic. His magical powers manifested the form of dreams. His dreams were much more lucid and vivid than most humans, and he couldn't wait to tell his parents his dreams every night. Unfortunately, Zachary's parents were brutally maimed (but barely survived) an attack from monsters attracted to Zachary's untapped magical source, which left Zachary in a shock and depression by the time he moved to House Leviathan.

Zachary tries to look on the positives and attempts to have an optimistic outlook, but the stress of what happened to his parents because of him weighs on his shoulders. He tries not to sulk on it, and tries to move forward in life, but understandably it can be hard for him at times. When he can clear his head and act like a "normal person for once", he displays tendencies from before the accident, such as a good sense of humor, an excitable outlook and a very active imagination. Thanks to his friends in House Leviathan and House Phoenix, he was able to move on in life.

Zachary doesn't get angry easily. Monica's teasing or pranks hardly phase him and the occasional bully is just an inconvenience to him. His "berserk button" of sorts is making fun of his parents, which some students at the misfortune of doing in front of him. His anger is rare and short lived, but described as a "storm of violence and emotions" and is generally described as the most horrifying thing you can imagine.

On the field, Zachary's dream magic is seen as crazy powerful, but hard to use. With the magic, he can create a "pocket realm" in which he can manipulate with his thoughts. Obviously this is powerful, but it strains his mind and can cause him to pass out. Due to this, his Dream magic is only to be used during life or death situations. This makes Zachary both useful and nearly useless on the field, much to his disappointment. He's decently skillful in basic elemental magic to make up for it, but it doesn't change the tide. His real skills come into the fact that he can "read" an enemies movements and predict their attacks.

Zachary has artisan ambitions, his vivid dreams and imagination give him a wealth of inspiration for the abstract arts. No one really gets his works at all. He also works on a graphic novel in his free time, though the plot goes over other peoples heads, including his own.

Nolan Heinsguard

Nolan Heinsguard is a major character in Vintasia and a member of House Leviathan. Known for his ego and arrogant demeanor, Nolan is extremely cocky and can act a tad self-adsorbed at times. Many people point out his ego is unfounded and he's not exactly exceptional in anything, and on the surface those insults don't seem to put a dent in the "emotional armor" Nolan has set up...much to the annoyance of others.

However, on a deeper examination of his character reveals Nolan is very insecure about his worth. This stems from a few things. His parents were loving, but they constantly praised him and said he was going to do great things once he got an education at Schimmerwitz, which put him under some stress. He wanted to prove them right, so he always put on the image of someone doing right. His magic is powerful -- but unstable and hard to control which sometimes makes him feel worthless on the field, much to his dismay.

Nolan's friends do eventually realize that he's not a bad guy and his arrogance wains slightly. Unhelped by his aforementioned insecurities is his slow learning. He's not an idiot, but he doesn't pick up on stuff very fast. As such, some of his friends call him a moron in jest, sometimes he gets offended but understands its all in good fun. Around friends, Nolan's forced egotistical attitude melts away and shows a much more jokey and energetic person, not focusing on the high standards he's forced himself to follow and just has fun.

On the field, Nolan's magic was described like a nuclear warhead. Chaotic and unfocused, spewing out random elemental spells and incantations every which way. His magic is a huge challenge to concentrate into a single target and thus "explodes" into a storm of violence and mayhem. In battle, this makes Nolan both very powerful, yet vulnerable. After an accident leaves one of his friends hurt, he has a hard time using his power in battle. To help stay useful, Nolan learns the arts of CQC and hammer combat.

Zara Dane


House Spirit

Victoria Gilbert

Victoria Gilbert is a major character in Vintasia, and a member of House Spirit. Victoria is a cool, level headed and calm person who rarely gets angry or excited, which can make others view her as "boring", "a buzz kill" and even "cold" at points. Despite appearing as somewhat cold and distant at a glance, she's actually very polite and kind, helping strangers and friends alike with whatever problems they may have.

Much of Victorias early life can't be described as interesting. Her parents, while loving, where very busy and away often on various errands, and so Victoria was mostly raised by her aunt and uncle, who while they tried to set a good image and did care about Victoria, somewhat abused their role to hang out in her parents large house. Victoria knew this but didn't let it get to her. Instead she spent a good deal of her time studying.

Much to her surprise, Victoria became the leader of House Spirit, she was never told why but she assumed it was because of her more calm mind, being able to deal with stressful situations without freaking out -- a trait rare among Spirit Students -- and general ability to think out plans. This made Victoria a great strategist. Eventually her strategy was put to the test during the events of We are Heroes, when she helped devised plans to deal with Simons Army.

Victoria is a genuinely hospitable girl, she helped Kayden and Chase during the initial dungeons while the three were separated from their houses and became good friends with the two of them, with the three quickly establishing an "alliance" between House Phoenix, House Leviathan and House Spirit (House Behemoth would eventually join that as well) and thus Victoria treated all members of the respected houses as good friends right off the bat.

Though she can be known to be hard to excite, this part of her personality melts away during happy situations and she can almost appear to be a completely different person in these scenarios, more perky and up beat. On the whole, Victoria cares deeply for her friends, viewing them much more like family then friends, remarking how Kayden and Chase are like her big brothers, despite them being slightly younger than her. She relies on her friends, but isn't helpless.

On the field, Victoria isn't the most effective fighter, but can hold her own in most cases. She has a mastery over weather magic and thus can manipulate it to a wide variety of effects, from creating storms to powerful gust to wind and everything in between. The applications of this vary, from keeping enemies at bay with powerful gust of win, to creating tornadoes to throw them, thunderstorms to strike them, blizzards to freeze them, so on. However, the unfortunate side effect of weather powers is how it can effect team mates and...everyone outside as well, making her full potential unknown.

In terms of personal interest, she is a fan of romance novels, but branches out into other types of media as she befriends other housemates.

Dylan Nova

Dylan Nova is a major character in Vintasia and a member of House Spirit. He lived with his loving, yet poor parents in a small, podunk town in England. Despite his otherwise good-but-simple upbringing, Dylan was a bit of a cry baby. One day, after getting hurting his toe he cried literal streams of tears, which he accidentally manipulated into the shape of a heart. Dylans parents were very superstitious, they believed -- and even feared -- witches, so they believed their sons magic was genuine, but were confused about the whole ordeal. They knew their son was a gentle soul who wouldn't hurt a fly, but the threat of his magic going "off" lingered.

A week later, Dylan was picked up by Mrs. Ulyes to go to Schimmerwitz. Dylan quickly met and befriended Victoria in the primarily dungeons and later met Katie Heart, who had ran away from her brother after a dispute. Dylan and Victoria looked after Katie to make sure no harm would befall her and the three quickly became good friends. Dylan's simple mind was a stark contrast to Victoria's constantly thinking mind. In general, Dylan's simple mind was a start contrast for House Spirit as a whole, confusing many [as well as himself] as to why he was sent to their house.

Dylan is simple, kind, gentle, caring, warm, generous and a bit naive. He see's everyone as a friend, even if they wronged him under his nose. It takes a lot to be considered an enemy by Dylan, as it needs to involve a blatant atrocity. Though he isn't exactly smart, he can give surprisingly deep insight to feelings and has been said to be "wise beyond his years" by adults and teenagers. While he's very good natured, he lacks in bravery and can be seen as a coward at times. Fighting isn't in his blood, but he will stand up for what he believes in if he feels it is necessary.

Dylan is a deceptively powerful Wizard. His control over water is surprisingly majestic and his sense of flow and almost serenity catches enemies off guard. He can manipulate even massive waves to the utmost precision, using a massive tidal wave as a weapon of destructive, then to a shield that protects his friends without skipping a beat. When he gets "in the flow" of a battle, he almost becomes an entirely different person, almost like he's on autopilot. When he's called out on this, he has trouble achieving this "state" again, at least for awhile. Much to peoples surprise, Dylan was considered the strongest wizard in Schimmerwitz at a point (not counting staff, of course).

This puts Dylan's overall "role" in team dynamics a bit weird. He's considered a "heavy hitter" by many, but due to his unwillingness to fight, he's rarely seen as a fighter or duelist. For what it was worth, Dylan seems to have a knack for finding things, so his friends consider him the "scout" of their team. Dylan occasionally feels he isn't as useful as he can be, which eventually eats him up with a fellow member of Spirit, Kim, gets injured when he could've done something to help. He sometimes he feels he's a glorified "cheer leader", but doesn't say anything as to not hurt the teams "dynamic".

As he grows, he gains insecurities about his usefulness, but also comes to grips that he's not a fighter and his friends accept him for who he is. He decides to use his power to help people and only fights to protect. An oddity among his house, Dylan doesn't do very well academically, in fact he does relatively poorly. While his fellow housemates tutor him, it doesn't have much effect. He does however, do very well in the more hands on tests, which keeps his overall grades serviceable.

Dylan gets along with most of House Spirit quite well, though his simple, non academic mind can annoy them to severe degrees. In particular he gets along with Victoria, Kim and Luke. His very passive and trusting attitude lends itself to one to being bullied and manipulated, which happens often throughout the story. Dylan has a sharp interest in the fauna and flora of Vintasia. Growing up, his parents told him stories of Red Caps, Fairies and Kobolds, and now Dylan was in a situation where he could learn about these beings for real. He often sent his parents letters and notes about his discoveries. His study and interest in these deemed him to be considered "almost smart!" by his peers in jest.

Atherius Pettatonus

Atherious Pettatonus is a member of House Spirit. He hales from a distant nation within the Taloon Islands. Without mixing words, Atherious is lazy. He enjoys sleeping whenever possible and does as little work as he can. He's very laid back and has thick skin. Never once getting upset over insults and often has a stinging comeback, though sometimes he is at a lost for words. Atherious also has a bit of an ego about his consistently good grades, but doesn't look down on others. He likes to take casual strolls throughout the schoolyard and is generally friendly to most people, but can hold massive grudges.

Other than his laziness, Atherious's most notable personality trait is his pacifism. He came from a tribe that respects all life and Atherois wouldn't hurt a fly. He only fights if its absolutely needed and is always merciful. Atherious wants to use his magic for healing, not hurting and thus is typically placed as the teams "medic". He also has a very analytical mind and serves as the teams strategist.

He is also well known for his intelligence. Atherious isn't exactly the smartest person as most believe, but he has a lack for solving puzzles and picking up on hints. While he doesn't know as much as people believe, he can pick apart the problem and come up with a solution of varying accuracy.

His interest includes music, poetry and has some interest in science fiction (introduced to the genre by Kayden). He likes to try new things and was especially eager to try Kaydens "Normal Folk" interest including the aforementioned science fiction, as well as comics, manga, tokusatsu and the odd anime.

Due to his culturally-sheltered life in the tribe, Atherious doesn't really know how to manage money well and often spends all of it on expensive food.

Kim Wan

Kim Wan is a major character in Vintasia and a member of House Spirit. For about a year of her early, impressionable life, her family went through hard times ad had to cut the cable and internet in their household. To pass the time, her family would watch old DVDs and VHSs they had lying around. In his younger years, her dad aspired to be a stage magician and had a massive collection of magician VHSs lying around. While he no longer aspired to be one, he still enjoyed watching their shows, something that his daughter enjoyed too.

Kim Wan has aspirations of becoming a stage magician, and these aspirations only amplified after she discovered her magic. Unlike most "Normal Folk" who discover their magical powers, Kim wasn't surprised, confused or scared; rather she was excited and happy. She first discovered them at school, when she accidentally turned her locker into a pocket dimension in which she feel into. Her parents at first thought her magic was an elaborate illusion but quickly realized her gift. They, like most parents, were scared but excited. Her dad even helped her nurture her talents, clearing out the basement so she could practice her spells.

Kim was a bit scared heading into Schimmerwitz, but was none the less excited to meet others with her abilities. Her trek through the long corridors of the testing grounds was actually quite easy for her since she just traveled through her pocket realms. She met a student named Dylan while they were both lost and the two became the best of friends. She would also eventually meet up with Victoria and the two similarly became close friends - friendly rivals. During their adventure, they came across a scared Katie Heart, who had ran away from her brother, Kayden in a fit of rage. The group tries to calm Katie down and escort her to safety.

Kim is very playful, quirky and light hearted, but none the less kind and caring and a bit protective of those who she cares about. She views Dylan as a younger brother and loves him dearly, she also views Katie as a little sister and cares about her just as much, though she doesn't see her to much. She looks up to Victoria and to a lesser extent, Kayden and has a rivalry with Atherious. She is quick witted and loves a good challenge. She has a talent at problem solving, combined with her pocket dimension abilities, makes Kim a good scout on the field.

Spencer Z'U-Binn

Spencer Z'U-Binn is a major character of Vintasia and a member of House Spirit, as well as the pseudo-antagonist of the first few arcs of the story. Spencer is among the greatest Wizards in Schimmerwitz, as well as the youngest Dragon Wizard in history. Spencer is very off putting, arrogant and a bit narcissistic, acting like he's the greatest wizard of all time, but deep down knows its empty boasting. Despite this, Spencer isn't a bad guy at heart. He's genuinely selfless, noble and tries to be helpful, albeit in a very egoistical way.

Growing up, Spencer was born to a family of prolific Dragon Wizards and he wanted to follow in their footsteps, unlike his older siblings who went their own way. After years of back breaking dedication to the arts at such a young age, Spencer finally became a Dragon Wizard at the young age of 13. As such, he was very powerful for his age, with magic rivaling adults. Though his parents never pressured him, at least on purpose, Spencers life revolved around making them proud. His biggest fear was -- and still is -- disappointing them and thus he does everything in his power to make them proud.

This all develops in a false ego that gives him an air of obnoxiousness at Schimmerwitz, making a lot of students dislike him, even his own house. His want to prove himself gives him somewhat of a one sided rivalry with Kayden (who wasn't even aware of their "rivalry") that eventually cultivates in a fight...which cultivates in Spencers first lost, though he gave one hell of a fight and nearly did win. Still, the lost showed his more vulnerable side. The unbeatable Spencers low self-esteem and self-worth problems where shown to Schimmerwitz as a whole, which garnered both laughter and sympathy. In the long run, this event helped Spencer tone down his arrogant demeanor and "chill out". He became closer friends with members of Spirit and good friends with Kayden.

On the field, Spencer is clearly a heavy hitter, as is most of Spirit. His Dragon Magic can be devastatingly powerful and his telekinesis is top notch. Being able to blow away several enemies at once, while commanding the myriadic versatility of Dragon Magic. Though he was disliked by many, he was still respected as a powerful magi. In the earlier chapters, Spencer had a problem of getting to caught up in his casting to follow Victorias orders, which led to even more strife.

Until he lost to Kayden, Spencer spent nearly every free hour of his life studying or training to become as good as a caster as he possibly could. His dedication and work ethic were not to be undermined. Sometimes he would even collapse during his sessions, causing his friends to grow concerned over his well being. After losing to Kayden, he realized that he didn't need to be the best in the world and so he decided to relax more, but not slouch in his training. In his newly found free time, he bounced around Spirit, looking for things to do.

Samatha Tromen

House Behemoth

Alionis Maynard

Alionis Mayard is a major character in Vintasia and the leader of House Behemoth. As the leader of House Behemoth, Alionis fits the stereotypical image of the house to a T. Backbreakingly helpful to others and offers a level of unconditional compassion that seems alien to some. In many ways he picks up his traits from his father, who put his life on the line for his friends and family on a seemingly daily basis in the wars against Simon, but has sense settled down. Alionis operates under the belief that no problem is to small and any act of good will helps the life of others in many unforeseeable ways.

Unfortunately this attitude paints Alionis as a "goody two shoes" by some students at Schimmerwitz and is put at odds with them for reasons he doesn't quite get. Interestingly and unbeknownst by most is Alionis is willing to bend the rules and even the law if he thinks its for the best. Though he doesn't mean too, Alionis is a forgetful person, often forgetting the names of students outside of his direct circle of friends. This is partly due to Alionis's tendency to overwork and over extend himself.

Notably, Katie Heart develops a crush on Alionis in the earlier sections of the story, affectionately calling him "Alio". This is one of many things that makes Kayden grow to hate Alionis (the other being how much more successful he is than him, as well as forgetting Kaydens name). His anger towards Alionis eventually cultivated in the two dueling with Alionis winning by a landslide. The two eventually made up with Kayden realizing he let his jealously getting the better of him and became good friends, with Kayden slightly idolizing Alionis.

On the field, Alionis doesn't use magic, instead he focuses on brute strength and planning. He's great with the sword and shield and can maneuver swiftly even in heavy armor. This makes Alionis a very good fighter and duelist, being well regarded in both categories. He is somewhat disappointed by his lack of magical prowess, but is happy enough as a melee fighter. To give him an edge in versatility, Alionis trains in multiple weapon arts, from swords, axes, maces to even hookshots.

When in the company of friends, Alionis feels as if he can let lose and displays a more jovial and fun personality, cracking jokes and teasing his friends. Much to the surprise of many, he has somewhat of a vulgar sense of humor, but tones it down considerably in the presence of Katie Heart. Alionis views his house as family and values his friends greatly, and will always put there safety first when planning.

Katie Heart

Katie Heart is a main character of Vintasia and a member of House Behemoth. She is a somewhat spoiled child, used to both her parents and her brother helping her virtually every task, cooking for her and watching over her. This can make Katie a handful, but her family deals with her prima donna tendencies. She is very close to her brother, Kayden as he had to baby sit up when the two were younger. Now that Katie is nearly 13, Kayden has to take her shopping, admittedly on his parents behest. Though she sometimes pushes Kayden to far, the two can be practically inseparable at times.

Much to Kaydens surprise, she was assigned to House Behemoth, a house that values heroism and compassion above all else, something Kayden genuinely didn't expect out of his sister. He was even more surprised to see how well she fit into House Behemoth. Despite her spoiled nature, Katie is a very good natured and compassionate person, as well as surprisingly brave and adventurous. She was the youngest member of Behemoth and thus looked up to everyone, both literally and figuratively. During her earlier days, she developed a crush on Alionis due to his unwavering moral nature and brave spirit, but the romantic feelings were eventually eroded, but the two stayed good friends.

Katie takes after her friends and family. She developed a competitive nature like her brother, often competing against her friends in various games, as well as the helpful nature of Alionis. She also begins to display a strong sense of independence as the story goes on, as well as other headstrong and strong willed traits. She's very jovial, almost always making fun of her brother, whether or not he "minds" it. Despite this, she's protective over her friends, especially Dylan whom she befriended when she was lost in the dungeons. Katie proudly displays a natural sense of justice around Schimmerwitz that she never displayed outside of it. Often standing up for others and helping people out in anyway she can.

On the field, Katie isn't the most powerful mage due to her age and inexperience, but she does try her best, often wanting to impress her friends and teachers alike. Though her fellow house mates or anyone else joining the mission will cover for her or watch her back, she has gotten into serious injuries, or even accidentally caused someone else to get hurt defending her. These hardships only make her try harder and harder to make her stronger in her own regard. Eventually, she does become a reasonable skilled scout, specializing in Fire Magic in combination with Bows and Arrows.